Intrauterine device can protect against cancer, study says

September 17, 2019  09:40

Women who have an intrauterine device, the risk of developing ovarian cancer is reduced by 15-32%, a new study by scientists from the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital reported.

According to the study, the spiral reduces the risk of developing cancer, regardless of whether it is hormonal or not. It is still unknown how long the spiral must remain in the woman’s uterus to achieve the desired effect and by what mechanism this effect is achieved.

Ovarian cancer, is also so-called silent killer, since in 80% of cases it is diagnosed in the later stages, when metastases are already present and treatment is already ineffective. If ovarian cancer is detected at an early stage, the chances of defeating the disease are much greater. In terms of mortality, ovarian cancer takes the fifth place among all oncological diseases in women, however it is the most deadly tumor of the female reproductive system.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer include persistent abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, frequent urination, and a constant feeling of fullness. Most often, this type of cancer is experienced by women over 50 who have entered menopause.

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