Even the simplest boxing training is dangerous, study reveals

September 16, 2019  20:31

Even the simplest sparring is dangerous as it can cause serious damage to the brain scientists from the University of Stirling noted.

According to The Daily Mail, after nine minutes of sparring, scientists analyzed the state of 20 amateur athletes involved in classic and Thai boxing.

Re-verification was carried out after an hour. It turned out that after sparring, the indicators of muscle and brain connection are reduced by 6%, while the indicators in memory tests - by 52%. This indicates a brain injury. True, all indicators returned to normal after 24 hours.

Scientists do not yet know if there is a safe threshold for sparring, so they recommend avoiding them.

Neurologists, however, talk about the connection of headaches and an increased risk of dementia. Interestingly, the risk increases not only after a full concussion: a relatively small injury is enough. The key factor here is chronic injury. This problem is often faced by rugby players, boxers and other people involved in contact sports. Football can also be dangerous, as players often hit the ball with their heads.

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