Scientists find another danger of e-cigarettes

September 28, 2019  23:44

Electronic cigarettes with various perfumes and flavors can cause lung cell death, said Australian scientists from the University of Adelaide and the Royal Hospital of Adelaide.

According to Xinhua, the researchers tested the toxicity of three different brands of liquid refills for electronic devices. 

It turned out that even brands that did not contain nicotine provoked the death of epithelial cells lining the airways. Moreover, the evaporation of e-cigarettes, as it turned out, does not allow the immune system to normally get rid of dead cells.

Experts are concerned that refills for e-cigarettes are in the so-called “gray zone”: no one monitors the composition of liquids other than nicotine. There is no law requiring the exact composition of the liquid to be indicated on the package. In practice, it turns out that all liquids are fundamentally different, even if they are products of the same manufacturer, but with different tastes. And to predict how this fluid can affect the human body is almost impossible.

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