Why can some people get enough sleep in 4 hours?

October 25, 2019  17:30

Some people need much less time to sleep. As scientists from the University of California found out, the cause of this feature may be a genetic mutation, Live Science reported.

The owners of a special genetic mutation sleep more efficiently. An ordinary person normally needs eight hours of sleep, and with mutation - 4-6 hours. A mutation, according to scientists, makes a person more active, makes it easier to cope with different things, making people more multi-tasking, and gives an optimistic attitude.

This is a mutation in the gene of the neuropeptide receptor S (NPSR1). This gene is very important for regulating sleep, but it is probably only part of the mosaic.

The attention of scientists was attracted by two more genes. It is now known that the NPSR1 mutation makes the receptor more sensitive and active.

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