Chinese woman, 67, gives birth to baby

October 29, 2019  13:02

A Chinese woman, 67, gave birth to her third child, a girl who weighed 2.6 kilograms at birth. Two of her older children already have their own children.

During the entire pregnancy, the mother-to-be was under the strict supervision of doctors. There were no serious complications, and the girl was born healthy.

Now both mother and baby are under the supervision of specialists. The fact of having a baby in a 67-year-old woman was confirmed by hospital, without eleborating.

It is only known that the new mother works as a nurse, and her husband is a lawyer. It is unknown whether assisted reproductive technologies were used to conceive.

Some publications call this woman the oldest woman in labor in the world, but this is not entirely true.

Recently, a 74-year-old Indian woman gave birth to twins.

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