Experts speak on simple ways to prevent stroke

October 29, 2019  21:14

It is recommended to follow a few simple rules to prevent stroke: follow a balanced diet, exercise and give up bad habits, experts of the UK National Health System (NHS) said.

According to RIA Novosti, experts call for limiting the use of fatty and too salty foods. But the number of foods containing fiber and vegetables in the diet is desirable to increase.

Experts also noted that it is worth regularly measuring blood pressure, as symptoms are often absent with the development of a stroke, and many do not suspect high pressure again due to the absence of symptoms.

The causes of stroke are often weak vessels, a hereditary predisposition, the accumulation of ‘bad’ cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, arrhythmia or hypertension, as well as alcohol abuse and smoking.

Another factor that increases the risk of stroke is hormone replacement therapy, which is used by women older than 50 years.

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