Woman was in coma as she almost dies after being scratched by cat

November 4, 2019  09:44

Shirley Hair, 65, from the English city of Bristol was in a coma and nearly died after a cat named scratched her, Daily Mail reported.

The woman worked in her garden when her Siamese cat scratched her and a bacterial infection got into the wound. The scratch turned red, and Shirley's health worsened: she was dizzy, lacked appetite, and her muscles ached. A few days later, the damaged arm was blackening.

Shirley was hospitalized by diagnosing sepsis, septic shock, internal organ failure, pneumonia, and necrotic fasciitis, an infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes or Clostridium perfringens bacteria. Doctors had to immerse her in an artificial coma for five days and amputate part of the damaged surface of the arm. Shirley was in hospital for over  2 months.

The woman told reporters that she bought Chan when it was 9 months old.

"But as Chan got older he only got more aggressive - often leaving us with bites and scratches," she said.

Having discharged from the hospital, Shirley gave the cat to be raised by one of her daughters.

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