Person with diabetes can live even longer than his healthy peers, endocrinologist says

November 14, 2019  13:39

Diabetes is not a sentence at all: although diabetes cannot be cured today, it can be successfully controlled, so that a person with perfectly compensated diabetes can live even longer than his healthy peers, endocrinologist and nutritionist Asmik Abovyan told reporters on Thursday.

According to the expert, if a patient with diabetes has a proper diet, keeps glucose under control, leads a healthy lifestyle and follows all the recommendations of doctors, he will be healthier than many of his peers who are less attentive to their health.

Today we live in a century of prosperity of science and medicine, and the best scientific data is available to all doctors, she said adding that doctors have the opportunity to organize the treatment of diabetes according to the best international experience.

According to her, the treatment of diabetes should be comprehensive: simply lowering the level of glucose in the blood is half the battle; it is also necessary to prevent cardiovascular and other complications that may be due to diabetes.

“The doctor must inform the patient that he has the worst and at the same time the best disease in the world,” she said.

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