Japan: Man, 66, has bubble under her skin with air

December 3, 2019  13:30

Man, 66, has a bubble under her skin with an air, The Daily Mail reported

A patient from Japan suffered from lung cancer and underwent a regular procedure for pumping fluid and air from the lungs for 4 months.

For several days the patient was disturbed by back pain on the right side. When he came to the hospital with these complaints, he had a CT scan and it turned out that he had subcutaneous emphysema - this is when air gathers in the deeper layers of the skin. The air gathered under the skin led to the appearance of a bubble with a diameter of 8 cm. This bladder could grow and block blood flow without treatment.

Doctors explained that due to constant medical procedures, the cavity between the lungs of the man and his skin increased, and this led to the accumulation of air.

They did not explain how they treated the man. Sometimes the bubble goes away on its own, but in severe cases small holes may be made in the skin to release the air.  

Image: Kyorin University School of Medicine

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