People with diabetes advised to eat 3 times a day, not 6

December 14, 2019  17:20

Eating in accordance with the natural 'biological clock,' that is, three times a day rather than six times, can help reduce the amount of insulin required by people with diabetes, said scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

In a new study, participants were divided into two groups and randomly assigned to follow either a typical diet with six meals a day or a newly developed diet with three meals a day.

With three meals a day, people had breakfast with bread, fruits and sweets early in the morning, ate a big lunch in the afternoon and a light dinner in the evening, while dinner should not have starchy food, sweets or fruits.

The authors of the study noticed that participants with diabetes, who adhered to a typical diet of six meals, did not lose weight and did not have better control of blood glucose levels. However, those who ate three times a day observed the opposite effect: they lost weight and significantly improved blood glucose, and their need for medications, including insulin, decreased significantly.

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