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Regular books are dangerous for allergic with acute reactions

December 13, 2013  12:32

Kirsty Ashman, 22 years old British girl, had to drop out of two universities because of her fatal allergy on books, or, rather to say, book dust.

Thus, the attempt to study in the library for her exam ended up with hospitalization for her. The dusty books caused a severe asthma attack, The Daily Mail reports.

The girl first attended Queen Mary’s University in London but lasted only a term there. And she spent more time in hospital than in auditorium. At Anglia Ruskin University, she studied almost a year. During two years of study she had more than 15 severe asthma attacks from dust, grass, pollen, some animals and mold. Besides the libraries, a special danger for her is the public toilet because of the cleaning products.

Ms Ashman suffered from hay fever as a child but her more severe symptoms began at the age of 18 when an infection heightened her allergic reactions. Now the girl is studying from home, and there is а strict regime of cleaning in her house. Medicine


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