How Armenia checks people arriving from China?

January 29, 2020  12:44

Armenain specialists measure the temperature of all people on the border who came from China to timely detect patients with the new coronavirus and isolate them.

Since the disease is contagious already in the incubation period, when there is no temperature and other symptoms yet, specialists also establish a 14-day control over all arrivals, Deputy Minister of Health Lena Nanushyan and the head of Department of Epidemiology of Special Dangerous and Airborne diseases Liana Torosyan told reporters.

All arrivals, both Armenian citizens and tourists, as Liana Torosyan noted, fill out special cards with contact details and information about where they will live, what places they plan to visit. Within 14 days - that’s how long, according to the latest data, the incubation period of the disease lasts — specialists monitor the condition of these people. At the slightest suspicion of coronavirus, they are isolated and the necessary studies are carried out to find out if they have pneumonia - the most common complication of coronavirus.

According to experts, all passengers are wearing masks to prevent the spread of infection on airplanes arriving from China- in case one of the passengers is infected. And since there are no direct flights from China to Armenia, even before arriving in our country, all passengers have time to check transit countries.

To provide protection against coronavirus, a ban on importing products and ingredients from China to Armenia was also introduced on January 26.

As for the parcels from China, they, according to Liana Torosyan, are not dangerous, since the virus needs favorable conditions and a living organism in which the virus multiplies for 14 days. There are no necessary conditions for the survival and reproduction of viruses on the surfaces of objects.

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