Armenians who came to Armenia from China and had fever were hospitalized

February 7, 2020  11:43

YEREVAN. – The Armenians who came to Armenia from China and had a fever were hospitalized, according to the Healthcare and Labor Inspectorate.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Alina Nikoghosyan reports that 12 citizens hospitalized from the Yerevan international airport have been examined, but no coronavirus has been detected in any of them.

A statement from the Healthcare and Labor Inspectorate says that there were hospitalizations from the border, there were Armenians who came from Armenia to China and who had a fever, and they—and not just they—were isolated and hospitalized.

As for why this has not been published, as per the statement, these examinations are intended to prevent coronavirus penetration.

According to the statement, this disease has not been confirmed in any hospitalized person to date in Armenia.

As per the statement, an interdepartmental commission has been set up to prevent the penetration of coronavirus into Armenia.

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