Scientists find the safest antiviral agent

February 7, 2020  22:16

Scientists at the University of Geneva have developed a new sugar-based drug that can be effective against viral infections.

The developers claim that the new tool will probably be effective against influenza viruses, Ebola and coronaviruses, Mail.RU News reported.

Some substances, such as bleach, can kill viruses through direct contact. But such substances are usually toxic to humans. And antiviral medications usually do not kill the virus, but inhibit the growth of the viral load on the body. However, the problem is that viruses often mutate, which reduces the effectiveness of standard therapy.

Specialists from Geneva proposed a new approach to the destruction of viruses: they drew attention to cyclodextrins - carbohydrates, glucose derivatives. These compounds do not cause increased resistance in viruses and are not toxic to the human body. Their molecules destroy the shell of the virus upon contact, depriving it of the ability to infect the body.

Cyclodextrins are highly stable, which allows them to be added to creams, gel, nasal spray.

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