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New coronavirus death toll reaches 1,526

February 15, 2020  10:16

The death toll from the COVID-19 coronavirus has reached 1,526. The number of infections is 67,104, whereas 8,298 people have recovered.

The new coronavirus infections are reported in 29 countries, according to worldometers.info/coronavirus/. The overwhelming majority of infections and deaths have been reported in China.

In second place is Japan, where there are already 260 infected. Eleven of the patients have recovered. Throughout the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, there has been one death here as a result, with one death, each, in Hong Kong and the Philippines, too.

There were only 3 coronavirus patients in the Philippines, the other two have recovered, and the coronavirus problem is presently resolved there.

There have been two cases in Russia, but both have already recovered.

One case, each, has been diagnosed in Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Finland; all of these patients have also recovered.

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