Italian couple who had been together 60 years die from coronavirus the same day

March 13, 2020  12:47

The Italian couple, who had been together 60 years, have died from coronavirus the same day just two hours apart, Daily Mail reported

Severa Belotti, 82, and Luigi Carrara, 86, spent their last days in Albino, in the northern Italian province of Bergamo.

Later the couple was hospitalized: one died on Tuesday at 9.15 am and the other at 11 am.

Their son Luka was unable to see his parents before they died.

“Your loved ones are left alone and you can't even say goodbye, hug them, try to give them some comfort. [You can't even tell them] a good lie like "everything will be fine”.” he said.

Now Luka is quarantined with his wife and two children.

A total of 15 113 coronavirus cases and 1016 deaths have already been recorded in Italy.

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