NASA astronaut who spent 665 days in space shares tips on pandemic isolation

March 28, 2020  13:17

Retired NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, who spent 665 days on the International Space Station, shared her tips how to spend time in isolation.

She said NASA astronauts are trained to have the skills needed to interact with the same people 24/7, CBS News reported.

“We call them expeditionary crew skills, but they include things like teamwork in group living, and so recognizing that the team purpose is the most important, and COVID-19 gives us a very higher purpose, much like being in space does, because we are saving lives by quarantining,” she said. 

 Whitson confessed she had never felt bored in space because she could look out the window and see the Earth. She urged to do something that  you never have time to do normally. 

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