France: Armenians who contracted coronavirus are treated at home as hospitals are crowded

March 31, 2020  14:27

Four members of the Armenian family living in France suffer from coronavirus infection. Three of them have a high fever, but they are treated at home, as the nearest hospitals are crowded.

David (name changed at his request) told Medicine that he had left Armenia for France, to his family, a few days before Armenia has declared the state of emergency. A few days later, already in France, he had a fever and a cough. Soon his relatives also developed symptoms.

David thinks that he was most likely infected at the airport.

Both David and his family in France were diagnosed with coronavirus, expect his two children.

David noted that at the moment they have no other symptoms besides the fever.

According to the latest data from, 44,550 cases of coronavirus infection and 3,024 deaths were recorded in France.

As of March 30, over 21,000 people in France were hospitalized with coronavirus, 5107 are in intensive care․ 

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