Number of COVID-19 cases globally reaches 6,575,177, death toll is 388,060

June 4, 2020  11:13

The number of COVID-19 infected in the world has reached 6,575,177, while the death toll is 388,060.

According to, 3,171,783 patients have already recovered.

3,015,334 patients are currently undergoing treatment, and a state of 54,203 (2%) is assessed as severe or critical.

The US leads in the absolute number of infections in the world (1,901,783 cases), but there are 5,748 cases of infection per million people, and by this indicator, the US is only 12th in the world, and Qatar comes first with 22,138 cases of infection per million people.

Armenia is 28th in the world in this indicator with 3,552 cases per million people. 

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