Over 12 million COVID-19 cases reported globally

July 9, 2020  09:43

A total of 12,170,572 COVID-19 cases have been reported globally.

According to worldometers.info, the death toll has reached 552,112, and 7,069,288 patients have already recovered.

A total of 4,549,172 patients are currently undergoing treatment worldwide (58,278 people are in severe or critical condition).

The United States leads in the absolute number of confirmed cases (3,158,932), leaving behind Brazil (1,716,196), and India (769,052).

Qatar (36,168), San Marino (20,570), French Guiana (18,272) are the first three countries in the number of COVID-19 cases per one million inhabitants. Armenia ranks ninth in this regard.

What comes to mortality stats, the highest number of deaths was recorded in the US (134,862), but San Marino leads in the number of deaths per million people (1,238).

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