Specialist's forecast: COVID-19 2nd wave will be less severe

July 22, 2020  10:50

The second wave of COVID-19 infection will be less severe than the first one, as the virus will be significantly weakened by exposure to ultraviolet radiation during the summer months, said immunologist, professor at the State University of Milan, Mario Clerici.

According to RIA Novosti, Mario Clerici led a joint study dedicated to to the effect of UV radiation from the solar spectrum on COVID-19. A preprint of the study was published in June.

The study showed that exposure to ultraviolet radiation, even in small doses, within seconds can lead to the complete COVID-19 inactivation. Scientists also found a link between the level of solar radiation and the epidemiological situation in various regions of the world: the higher the level of UV radiation in a particular place, the fewer COVID-19 cases were recorded there.

According to Clerici, it is still difficult to say what will happen in the fall and whether there will be a COVID-19 second wave.

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