Armenia is ranked 10th in coronavirus cases per one million residents

November 19, 2020  09:54

The number of cases of coronavirus infection worldwide has reached 56,564,339, of which 1,354,813 (3% of the total) died, whereas 39,352,858 recovered.

According to worldometers, 15,856,668 patients are currently receiving treatment, of which 101,435 (1%) are assessed as in severe or critical condition.

The US continues to lead—with 11,873,727 cases—in the absolute number of infected people worldwide. But there are 35,791 such cases in the US per one million residents. Accordingly, the US is in the 13th place in the world in this regard, whereas Armenia is in the 10th place. Andorra ranks first, with 77,839 cases per one million residents.

The US also has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths (256,254), whereas this is Belgium (47,014)—per one million residents. Armenia is in the 23rd place in the world—with 620 deaths per one million residents.

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