Physical activity may help prevent death from COVID-19 infection, research claims

May 18, 2021  23:24

Physical activity can be a way to prevent death from the COVID-19 coronavirus infection, said scientists from the University of Toronto in Canada, PLOS ONE reported.

According to PLOS One, experts analyzed data on 2,690 people aged 49 to 80 years, who were divided into age groups covering 10 years.

Within each group, the 20th percentile of participants was associated with the lowest level of fitness, the 40-80th percentile with moderate physical activity, and above the 80th percentile with above-average activity. While even mild exercise can be beneficial, scientists still recommend cardio-intensive training.

Athletes are infected with the COVID-19 and sometimes even have severe symptoms.

According to experts, this is due to severe physical stress during exhausting workouts, which reduces the activity of the immune system.

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