What should not be done in case of sunburn?

June 6, 2021  17:29

The risk of getting sunburn increases several times during the summer.
Factors that weaken the immune system—including diabetes, obesity, smoking, and blood circulation disorders—can slow the process of healing from sunburn.

Often people nurse burnt skin in the wrong way, and this also slows down the healing process.

What should not be done in case of sunburn?:

. Do not rub sour cream and other dairy products on the skin. The problem is that lactic acid and fermented foods can trigger unpredictable chemical reactions.

. Do not apply sunflower, coconut or any other vegetable oil on the skin. This creates a thick layer which impedes heat exchange, and as a result the burnt skin does not cool, but overheats even more. All this can deepen the irritation and lead to swelling.

. Forget about soaking tea, raw vegetables, and fruit juices on the burnt skin as they can cause allergic reactions in case of sunburn

. It is not recommended to use scrubs, hard peels or other exfoliating agents as they may increase irritation. Let the affected skin separate naturally.

. It is not recommended to pierce the blisters. The latter protect the affected parts from infection until they heal.

Also, do not forget that sunburn is harmful to the skin, it accelerates the aging process, and can lead to cancer. So try to protect your skin from the Sun.

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