Armenia university students to also have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo test every 14 days?

September 22, 2021  13:17

Each anti-epidemic measure is developed according to the epidemic situation in the country. Romella Abovyan, head of the Epidemiology Department of Nosocomial Infections at the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, told this to a reporters Wednesday.

According to her, the coronavirus-related rules which will come into force in the country on October 1 will apply to working people, as, according to research data, people aged 25 to 55 are most often infected with COVID-119, and therefore these regulations do not apply to university students yet.

However, according to the specialist, other groups will be discussed next—and based on the epidemic situation in Armenia.

As of October 1, if employees in the country are not vaccinated against the coronavirus, they will have be tested every 14 days and submit a negative test result to their employers.

Employees who do not comply with this decision can no longer report for work and, according to the minister of health, in such a case, the employers will have the right to terminate the employment contract, and, also, the employers can be fined and subjected to penalties for not complying with this decision.

This decision applies to all businesses in Armenia.

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