When your lungs are recovering from damage?

November 22, 2021  17:32

The absence of clinical symptoms, X-rays and breath tests are the three main signs of lung recovery after lung injury, Russian pulmonologist Sergei Babak noted.

"The first signs of recovery are the disappearance of the clinical symptoms of the disease. These are cough, phlegm, and shortness of breath. They should be completely absent from the patient. If they persist for a long time, or wheezing, wheezing and wheezing join, you should immediately seek medical help," the specialist noted.

The second symptom is associated with X-ray changes in the lungs. According to the specialist, CT diagnostics should not be abused. If done recently, it should be replaced with an X-ray.

The specialist also noted that with age, a person accumulates signs of postponed inflammatory processes in the lung tissue.

Breath tests are divided into three parts. Thanks to spirometry, lung volume can be measured. Plethysmography will show residual volume. In the case of its accumulation in large quantities, shortness of breath increases.

The diffusion test is the ability of oxygen to pass through the alveoli and dissolve in arterial blood and shows how much the alveoli in patients may have been affected.

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