How much chocolate can you eat a day without harm to your health?

November 23, 2021  17:35

15 grams of chocolate a day is a harmless norm, which is best not to exceed, Russian nutritionist Marina Apletaeva noted.

Chocolate, as noted by the specialist, is an optional product in the diet, and a person can easily do without it.

According to the expert, it is better to choose dark chocolate, which contains at least 50% cocoa. On the contrary, dairy should be discarded, since it contains a lot of sugar.

Apletaeva also advised not to abuse confectionery for those who suffer from diabetes, prediabetes, allergies or gastrointestinal diseases.

"If you really want something sweet, then it is better to replace chocolate with marmalade or dried fruits: they have dietary fiber that will inhibit the absorption of sugar," said the specialist.

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