Why you should not start a diet, ‘new life’ in January?

January 15, 2022  10:29

Anti-diet dietitian Dalina Soto advises to give up the desire to start a “new life” and diet in January—which is common to many.

According to Well & Good, many people build “relationships” with food on the principle of "from one extreme to another": either strict diets and restraint, or overeating.

According to the expert, it would be better not to go to such extremes.

“Some days, you might eat more vegetables; other days, you might need some candy,” she says. “But it never has to move to the extremes.”

According to her, the human body itself must decide what food it needs.

“You might notice that if you overdo it one day on sweets or alcohol, the next day, you feel like you want a salad,” Soto says “Or, maybe you want a green juice, or a light meal for breakfast after having a heavier dinner.”

Also, the specialist advises to think about what health means for you and what you aspire to in the new year.

“That’s not a look, a number on your pants, or a letter on your shirt,” she says. “It’s about how you want to feel in your body.”

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