Memory problems even after mild COVID-19 experience

January 20, 2022  14:42

People who had mild COVID-19 experience have episodic memory and concentration problems. All participants in a new U.S. study had such problems even 9 months after the disease.

According to, Oxford University experts have decided to evaluate the quality of memory in people who do not have obvious signs of post-COVID syndrome.

Scientists invited 136 volunteers, who had suffered coronavirus without complications nine months ago and had no long-term symptoms. The participants underwent a series of tests and exercises to test their memory and cognitive abilities.

As it turned out, all of the study participants, without exception, had so-called episodic memory disorders - they remembered their personal experiences worse than before in the six months after infection. They also had problems with concentration. But all participants had good results on tests of working memory, planning, and other cognitive abilities.

Interestingly, the participants themselves didn't feel any symptoms during the tests, but they showed deterioration in attention and memory. All of this, the scientists say, suggests that people can experience chronic cognitive effects for months after a coronavirus infection.

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