What substitutes can be used instead of sugar?

March 25, 2022  19:16

What safe substitutes can be used instead of unhealthy sugar? Dr. Marina Kopytko, a nutritionist, shared her opinion.

According to Ura.ru, Kopytko considers honey and syrup from topinambour to be natural sweeteners. However, it should be noted that honey, like regular sugar, increases blood glucose levels.

"There are various sugar substitutes of the modern generation - these are stevia, erythrites, erythrols and so on. Well, and older versions are fructose, xylitol, but this is not recommended for use," said the specialist.

According to her, sugar substitutes such as erythritol and stevia can be used not only by adults, but also by children. Kopytko advises to choose these sweeteners if necessary, as they have been tested and approved even for use in children's diets.

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