What 'harmful' foods are good for health?

May 15, 2022  19:40

With the trend towards proper nutrition, the opinion about the dangers of certain products has also spread, however, nutritionists do not recommend excluding anything permanently from your diet, the main thing is to observe the measure in use, the First Regional news agency writes.

Due to the presence of cholesterol, it is often recommended to restrict eggs in the diet. But they do not harm health if physical activity in a person’s life is regular, and his genes do not tend to increase this indicator. Our diet only affects 25% of the total cholesterol concentration in the body. In addition, eggs are rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids, protein and almost all vitamins.

Potatoes, in turn, have a high glycemic index, so they are considered not the most useful because of their ability to increase blood glucose. However, if you eat boiled and chilled potatoes, they will become a source of resistant starch, and this is a superfood for beneficial intestinal microflora. Fresh boiled potatoes contain a lot of fiber, vitamins B and C, potassium and other minerals.

Butter is often called the enemy of the heart and blood vessels due to its tendency to increase cholesterol, but metered consumption of butter provides cell membranes and nerves with protection, and also has a beneficial effect on the production of vitamin D.

Recently, a lot of information has appeared that an adult does not need milk. But if it is present on your menu, it reduces the risks of serious pathologies - hypertension, type II diabetes, as well as respiratory infections.

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