What foods make hair thicker and stronger?

May 27, 2022  20:35

A person loses hair every day, this is a normal process that should not be embarrassing in any way.

According to statistics, each of us, regardless of age and gender, loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day. This does not affect our appearance, because the place of hair loss is quickly replaced by new hairs, writes "Dr. Peter".

Some people are lucky: they naturally have thick and strong hair, which almost does not need special care and constant monitoring. Others look at their hair meticulously every morning and often have the same thought in their head:  How can I make my hair thicker and stronger?"

According to Dr. Berg, it's actually not that difficult to make a significant improvement in hair quality.

If we're talking about how to grow thicker hair, the first thing to mention is iron.

"This is a mineral that is involved in the creation of hemoglobin. It is hemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. And if you are deficient in iron, then oxygen will not get to the roots of your head sufficiently. Without this element, you literally deprive the hair of oxygen, which they need so much for growth, " explained the specialist.

However, iron is easy to get, especially if you are not a vegetarian. Add it to your diet:

- red meat - eating it twice a week is enough;

- chicken eggs;

- cheese;

- chicken liver;

- bitter chocolate;

- buckwheat;

- hazelnuts;

- almonds;

- white beans; lentils;

- spinach.

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