When should woman check her testosterone levels?

June 20, 2022  16:39

It is not uncommon for women to have misconceptions about hormones, literally demonizing them, Dr. Peter reported.

Testosterone is essential for a woman's body to work properly, for women to conceive and bear a baby, for women to breastfeed, and for women to stay beautiful and healthy. Receptors for this active steroid hormone are found in all body tissues. It works in close conjunction with female sex hormones and must be in a certain balance. "Doctor Peter" together with Kristina Potryasaeva, gynecologist and endocrinologist of "ABIA" clinic determined the signs, in the presence of which it is worth to be examined and the level of testosterone to be evaluated.

Doctors identify certain signs that a woman should have her testosterone levels checked. These can be one or more of the manifestations:

  1. the appearance of acne or its persistent course;
  2. growth of body hair on the male type - this is a thick rod hair above the upper lip, on the lower part of the face, on the back, thighs;
  3. increased greasiness of the skin on the face and on the body, greasiness of the hair;
  4. excessive irascibility, aggressiveness;
  5. increased loss of hair;
  6. disorder of the menstrual cycle - long delays;
  7. the state of increased anxiety,
  8. depressive state,
  9. excessive body weight (10 % over the norm) or even clinical obesity

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