Who is categorically contraindicated to massage?

June 30, 2022  09:45

Despite the benefits of massage, some patients are categorically contraindicated procedure, for example - in acute exacerbations of herniated spine, if there is severe pain in the area of herniated protrusion, because it will cause "irreparable harm to health," said coach nutritionist Elena Novikova, NEWS.ru reported.

The expert noted that it is better to give up massage for people with acute heart failure, skin diseases, inflammation, open wounds and cancer.

Novikova also warned against massaging the lower back with herniated discs of the spine and advised to consult an experienced specialist in such cases.

"People with acute cardiac insufficiency, skin diseases, inflammatory processes, open wounds and oncology, with exacerbation of spinal hernia, hyperthermia, hypertonia, pregnancy and menstruation should  avoid massage," said Novikova.

The nutritionist said that massage can "significantly improve the condition of the patient" with spinal disc herniation, because during the procedure the spine is stretched, resulting in compression of the nerve endings stops.

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