What insect bites can lead to human death?

July 5, 2022  20:19

Immunologist-allergist Daniil Shchepelyaev said that a bee, wasp or bumblebee sting can very quickly lead to death from anaphylactic shock.

The expert noted that if an insect bite falls on the chest, neck and face, then it can become fatal due to the large number of vessels. He clarified that bites differ in consequences due to the different properties of insects, writes URA.RU.

"The wasp is a predator, and the sting is a way of killing insects, so wasp stings are more complicated by suppuration. Bee venom is considered sterile. There are no pathogenic microbes. The wasp has a different one," the allergist explained.

He recommended not to neglect means of protection in the summer, especially for those who have a strong allergic reaction to bee products.

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