Why are edema dangerous and why should they not be ignored?

August 5, 2022  15:49

Edema may indicate serious diseases, such as varicose veins, unilateral lymphostasis, and tumors that compress blood vessels. Therefore, this problem should not be ignored, says the therapist and endocrinologist Elena Kiseleva (Russia).

In an interview with Izvestia, the specialist noted that you should immediately consult a doctor if the patient finds himself with unilateral edema. The very appearance of persistent edema indicates the presence of pathology, so it is necessary to examine the vessels, kidneys, heart, nervous and immune systems, and thyroid function.

Kiseleva recalled that in the summer season, the likelihood of swelling is higher, since the vessels expand against the backdrop of hot weather to cool the body. The extremities are most susceptible to edema, especially the lower ones.

To reduce the risk, the doctor advised to reduce the time in the sun, change the diet, including a balanced diet, drink more clean water, limit thirst-provoking foods such as salt, spices, sugary drinks, and also move more.

If the implementation of these recommendations does not lead to a decrease in edema, and even more so if the edema is one-sided, then you should definitely consult a therapist. The edematous syndrome can be a symptom of very formidable diseases of various organs and systems, and also fraught with serious health consequences, said Kiseleva.

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