What are different risk factors for cardiovascular disease in men and women?

September 9, 2022  22:57

Experts often call salt "white death" because it has a devastating effect on the human body if the daily rate exceeds 5 grams for healthy people and 2.5 grams for hypertensive people.

Many doctors recommend to reduce the amount of salt or cut it out of diet, but Russian nutritionist Maria Gerasimova advises not to cut it out completely, Lenta.ru writes. 

The specialist explained that the exclusion of salt from the diet may lead to poor health, weakness and cramps. 

The nutritionist explained that chlorine in salt is necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid, which is the main component of gastric juice. In turn, sodium is involved in the process of nerve impulse transduction and muscle fiber contraction. 

According to Gerasimova, specialists may prescribe a completely salt-free diet only in specific cases. In addition, the dietitian does not recommend to salt food for children under one year of age, while all others need salt within the recommended daily norm, reports Med Novelty

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