How to deal with hypothermia?

September 27, 2022  12:25

If a person is caught in the rain, he should as soon as possible to take cover in a warm room and change wet clothes to dry. Get warm also with the help of hot drinks, such as tea with raspberries and honey, said in a conversation with the radio station Moscow Talk chief freelance expert on primary health care for adults of the Moscow Department of Health Andrei Tyazhelnikov.

The specialist advised to be close to the heat device after hypothermia and to dry clothes. He also recommends not abusing alcohol after moving into a warm room. 

"You shouldn't be in places where there's an open fire. Because this, too, in turn, can negatively affect the state of health," said Tyazhelnikov.

 He also noted that due to hypothermia can reduce a person's immunity. 

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