What is moral burnout? 8 signs of new type of stress

October 6, 2022  20:50

People have become exposed to a new intense type of stress, which is conventionally called moral burnout by experts. It is a more extreme stress and can cause serious emotional disorders, a study conducted by specialists of Sheffield University in cooperation with other scientists has shown. Moral burnout is associated with being in an environment that supports values that are not shared by the person.

Professor Karina Nielsen, head of the Department of Occupational Psychology at the University of Sheffield, noted that the new type of burnout is "more extreme" and can cause severe psycho-emotional stress, which can affect mental, emotional and physical health, work performance, communication and other aspects of life.

Professor Nielsen identified the following signs that a person may be experiencing mental burnout:

  • Feeling more tired
  • Constant putting off things, work
  • Feeling restless, anxious during the day
  • Inability to disconnect from work, to relax
  • Having obsessive thoughts about work or home worries
  • Feeling that everything will turn out in the worst way
  • Feeling disinterested and detached from work and daily life
  • Emotional, mental and physical exhaustion

According to the expert, when burnout occurs, it is necessary to take a pause, a vacation. People often experience moral trauma because of the feeling that they are unable to control different things. In such a case, it is necessary to take control of what you can. To do this, you must change your attitude toward the crisis situation. Instead of sitting in fear, asking yourself what's good about it, you need to ask: What are the positive outcomes?

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