Girl with tail born in Mexico

November 28, 2022  18:19

For the first time in Mexico, a baby was born with a tail that was 5.7 centimeters long, the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports reported.

According to doctors, the girl was born full-term and the mother's pregnancy proceeded without complications.

According to the article, the tail structure was soft, covered with skin and thin hair, it could be moved without pain, but there were no spontaneous movements. The baby cried when the tail was pricked with a needle.

After re-examining the infant two months after birth, doctors found that the girl's tail continued to grow. It was decided to remove the offshoot.

Doctors analyzed the newborn's tail and found that it contained not only soft tissue, but also arteries, veins, and bundles of nerves.

As the specialists added, boys are more often born with this pathology than girls. In the normal development of the fetus, the tail gradually goes away and turns into a coccyx. If it remains, however, the spur may arise due to tumors, in other cases the tail has nerve endings and arteries.

1669636193_770_The-girl-born-with-a-TAIL-Extremely-rare-6cm-long-defect.jpg (91 KB)

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