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Health minister: Our goal is to transfer all patients from Artsakh to Armenia

September 26, 2023  17:07

At the moment, 23 patients are already in the National Center for Burns, they are in the stage of examination and treatment, and the ambulances are constantly bringing new patients. Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan told reporters near the center.

"Triage is carried out here by a multidisciplinary specialized team, and in the future, in case of necessity, they will be transferred to other medical centers, but the main one will be the National Center for Burns, based on the nature of the injuries," she said.

She also said that transfers via the helicopters from Artsakh are constantly being carried out, and "we will have to use all our capabilities before the evening and carry out the transfers as quickly as possible".

"Our goal is to transport all patients, and not only with burns, you know that there are also wounded patients, whom we have not been able to transport due to the road being closed," he said.

According to the minister, the transferred medical patients are mostly in serious and extremely serious condition, additional information about their condition will be provided later, when the doctors summarize the data.

"Our doctors in Stepanakert were in contact with their colleagues in Armenia throughout the night in order to stabilize their condition and prepare them for the transfer. And now they will receive full medical care here," she explained.

Anahit Avanesyan informed that there doctors from Spain here in Armenia, doctors from Great Britain are also expected to arrive and help Armenian doctors.

"Specialists from our other medical centers are also here: intensivist, traumatologists, and they also work together," she added.

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