LifeScience: one swallowed gum won't harm your health

June 18, 2024  14:15

Swallowing gum once is not dangerous to the health of the digestive system. However, ingestion of large amounts of sugar-free gum into the gastrointestinal tract can provoke diarrhea, publication LifeScience told the publication LifeScience gastroenterologist from the United States Nancy McGreal.

According to the doctor, the myth about the long-term digestion of chewing gums has no scientific basis. The composition of this product includes emulsifiers and various resins, which really do not break down in the digestive tract. This means that after swallowing the gum, it will "leave" the body during defecation unchanged for 40 hours.

Swallowing too many chewing pastilles (from ten to twenty pieces) in rare cases can cause intestinal blockage (obstruction) - a condition in which the movement of food through the intestines stops partially or completely.

The gastroenterologist added that ingesting excess sorbitol (a sugar alcohol that serves as a sweetener in low-calorie gummies) can cause diarrhea. According to McGreal, sorbitol "draws" water into the colon and intestine and increases its motility (contractile movements). This is what causes the stool to change consistency.

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