Satellite symposium on genetic disorders to take place in Armenia

June 10, 2015  21:45

On July 1-2, Satellite symposium on genetic disorders is planned to take place in the Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care. Specialists from Austria, Denmark, France, and USA are invited to take part at the symposium.


  • Genetic skin diseases: from pathophysiology to new treatments.
  • DNA vaccines in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
  • Stem cells and neurogenesis.
  • Personalised medicine: today and tomorrow.
  • Common pro-inflammatory mediators in the pathogenesis of non-communicable diseases.
  • Recent developments in understanding metastasis.
  • Perspectives of Improvement of healthcare for children with Duchenne muscular rdystrophy in Armenia.

Telephone number:+37410 54 43 67.

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