7 cases of acquired measles recorded in Armenia in first quarter of 2018

March 14, 2018  15:31

Seven cases of acquired measles have been recorded in Armenia in the first quarter of the current year, and their probable source is Russia.

Six of these persons diagnosed with measles were not vaccinated against it, whereas one of them was vaccinated, but insufficiently. 

According to the information released by the World Health Organization, the epidemic of measles is growing worse in Europe. The number of such cases in European countries has tripled in 2017, as compared with 2016. The respective situation is worse especially in Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia.

Even though a stable epidemic situation is maintained in Armenia in terms of the cases of measles and rubella, the periodic “import” of this disease, as well as the buildup of persons who are not vaccinated—or are insufficiently vaccinated—over the years, may cause the return of this infection to, and the locally spreading of the virus in, the country.

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