‘Sunburn tattoos’ may be dangerous to health

June 10, 2019  13:19

A 2019 new ‘sunburn tattoos’ trend may be dangerous for health, New York Post reported

What is ‘sunburn tattoos’? People place stencils on exposed skin and head outside to soak up some rays, the source noted. However, experts indicate that attempts to keep up with trends can be dangerous to the skin.

“Both UVA and UVB [rays] can cause harmful effects on the skin,” says Dr. Mary Stevenson, a dermatologic surgeon and assistant professor at NYU Langone. “Ultraviolet causes damages to cellular DNA, with UVB damaging the basal layer of your skin predominantly and UVA penetrating deeper and also causing damage which can ultimately result in skin cancer,” Stevenson adds. “Blistering sunburns in particular, which result from intense ultraviolet exposure, are known risk factors for causing cancer. As a dermatologic surgeon, I treat skin cancers daily and advise my patients to avoid burning and to wear a physical blocker with titanium or zinc oxide.”

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