What waist size is dangerous to health?

August 21, 2019  16:25

A waist size of over 80 centimeters for women and over 94 centimeters for men is dangerous for health as people with a wider waist increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, in particular strokes and heart attacks, said specialists from the Russian Health Ministry.

According to them, not only weight loss and waist reduction will help to prevent a heart attack or stroke, but also smoking cessation, consumption of 500 grams of fruits and vegetables, as well as a 30-minute moderate physical activity.

According to scientists from the University of Glasgow, the waist should not exceed 74 cm for women and 83 cm for men in order to minimize risks. The risk of developing heart problems increased by 10% with an increase of every additional 12.6 cm in women and with every addditional 11.4 cm in men.

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