How to reduce stress once you are back to work after vacation?

August 28, 2019  20:20

Most people find it difficult to be back at work after a vacation, even if they really love their job. What one should do to cope with stress and improve performance during the first days after a vacation? Psychologist Ashkhen Mkoyan tells a few tips.

1.If you went out of town or to another country during your vacation, return home at least 2-3 days before going to work. So, you that you could have time to adapt a little to your usual environment before you go to work. If you come to work immediately after your trip, you will be much more stressed;

2.It is advisable not to go to work on Monday: try to organize your vacation so that the first working day is on Wednesday or Thursday. The working week will not seem so long, you will feel much more comfortable and you will get less tired.

3.Try not to make responsible and important decisions on you first day at work. It is believed that the person’s working capacity falls slightly, so it will take a little time to recover and start working normally

4.Try to do easier, more pleasant work on the first day and leave the difficult one for the next days.

5. And, finally, do not forget about rest during the day and in the evenings. Sshort breaks will help you regain strength during the work day, and evenings devoted to interesting activities or hobbies will help to avoid post-vacation melancholy.

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