Nutritionist tips on schoolchildren’s breakfast

September 4, 2019  18:22

Having breakfast before school is more than desirable: a full breakfast will not only ‘wake up’ the child’s metabolism, but also help him better absorb the information received at school, nutritionist Gayane Shahatuni told Medicine.

What can be prepared for breakfast for schoolchildren to provide their body with the necessary energy and nutrients?

According to a nutritionist, it is advisable to start the day with some cereal containing complex carbohydrates. It can be oatmeal (but not instant cooking!), buckwheat or brown rice. You can add a little natural oil to the porridge (the main thing is without vegetable fats and other impurities), but without sugar and any flavorings. The amount of salt in the porridge should be moderate: according to the expert, a child should be taught not to abuse salt from early childhood, because it is dangerous to health.

If the child does not like porridge, you can cook some breakfast from cottage cheese or matsun, adding, for example, oatmeal and a little honey: this option of breakfast will also give the student a lot of energy for the next few hours.

Another variant of a hearty and healthy breakfast is a boiled egg or omelet (but not overcooked) with whole grain bread.

If none of these options is suitable, you can prepare mashed potatoes for the child - most children love him.

According to her, it is not advisable to eat meat, ham and some quick breakfast.

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