$ 20 million to be spent on cure for dyslexia

September 16, 2019  22:38

Charles Schwab, a financier, philanthropist with a fortune in excess of $ 8 billion, has allocated $ 20 million to universities in California (Berkeley and San Francisco) in search of a cure for dyslexia, Xinhua reported.

According to the source, scientists must find solutions for people with dyslexia and other abnormalities that affect learning. The research center that will do this will open this fall. On the basis of the center, cooperation is expected in the field of neurology, cognitive psychology, education and public health.

Schwab's interest in the problem of dyslexia is based on personal experience: he was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 40, although he suffered from learning difficulties from an early age.

According to experts, deviations regarding difficulties with reading, solving mathematical problems, writing and various cognitive functions affect 5-15% of students. Among children who can hardly recognize words and letters, dyslexia is diagnosed in 80%.

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