Causes and complications of back pain

September 28, 2019  09:46

Only about 20% of the population can boast that they have not experienced back pain. The rest, unfortunately, repeatedly experienced this painful condition. But often, back pain is not only a reaction to a rise in severity, serious illnesses often hide serious diseases, Planet-today reported.

Long-lasting aching back pain

The resulting pain as a result of an unsuccessful tilt, or a lifting of heavy things, usually disappears a few days after taking painkillers and following the regimen. The prolonged pain sensations should be the reason for re-visiting a doctor and a more comprehensive examination.

The appearance of additional symptoms

If the limbs also become numb along with back pain, a tingling sensation appeared and you may have a pinched nerve. The appearance of stiffness in the lumbar region and aching pain in the thigh area may indicate inflammatory processes in the joints and ligaments. An increase in temperature is about the joining of the inflammatory process. A change in sensitivity in the inguinal region warns that compression of the roots and terminal sections of the spinal cord has occurred. If a person has a noticeable change in height and curvature of the spine, then here we can talk about a serious condition: compression fracture of the spine. This condition is often affected by the elderly.

Increased pain in the spine at night

Most often, this symptomatology is characteristic of a disease such as ankylosing spondylitis. Timely treatment by a specialist will help to avoid spinal deformity.

Backache was before

The return of back pain can indicate both a relapse and the beginning of the course of the malignant process. Only an examination will exclude oncology.

Back pain associated with age

For people older than 50 years, the appearance of back pain is characteristic. This is due to leaching of calcium from the bones and its poor digestibility. Visit your doctor to be given preventive therapy. So you can further avoid fractures.

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